About Us

Who Is Joy & Country

As families, we spend a large portion of our lives together. We laugh; we cry; we smile; we mourn. Life is a constant cycle of ups and downs, challenges and victories. As a family team behind the brand Joy & Country, we get it, and we believe that the small things in life can be our biggest sparks of joy. A kiss from your child, a wave from a neighbor, a heartfelt message from an old friend, and yes even an inspirational tee.

Our Mission

We believe that what you wear is more than clothing. Clothing can inspire, uplift, and allow you to freely express who you are to yourself and the world.

We are JOY & COUNTRY. Our clothes are meant to spark joy, empower, and bring the message of hope. We also thank God that in our beautiful country, we have the liberty to freely express ourselves, even in what we wear day to day.

We Give Back

We give back by partnering with The Gathering, a global hope movement. The Gathering is an organization that brings hope and the power of God's redemptive message to minister to the hurting, restore hope to the hopeless, and allow the Spirit of God to lead, direct, and transform lives. Visit us at thegatheringmovement.org for more information about our next Gathering meeting.