About Us

Meet the team behind joy & Country

Mother-daughter team, Delora and Jenna have a common goal--to share the power and love of the Holy Spirit with everyone they meet. Living in unsettling times, they created Joy & Country to give people a way to connect with their love of faith, family, and freedom, and also help fund The Gathering, nationwide meetings that invite the Holy Spirit to have free reign and transform His people.

We love you and are so happy you found us! Our mission is to unite and spread the love of God to every person and reignite hope! God Bless and thanks for being a part of our mission!

Our vision

Our vision here at Joy & Country is to inspire you to love more, celebrate your freedom, and connect to your loving Creator. All of our items carry a message, one of hope and truth, to inspire you to get closer to Jesus, and bring a message of hope and unity to everyone you come in contact with.


A large portion of our proceeds funds The Gathering, nationwide meetings where people gather to worship and invite the Holy Spirit to have free reign. As we minister to the hurting, restore hope to the hopeless, and collectively minister to Jesus and let the Spirit have His way, people's lives are changed and they are ignited by the power of the Holy Spirit. Visit us at The Gathering Movement for more information about our next Gathering meeting.